There is a woman or I would rather call her a superheroine named "Jane Bürgermeister" who already back in 2009 EXACTLY predicted what would happen from 2020 to now, she described EXACTLY what would happen and described exactly what really happened so far from 2020 to now, please read the last sentence again if you did not understand what I just said. Please note that of course her predictions referred to the 2009 swine flu "pandemic", but what she described back then is EXACTLY what happened since 2020, just to make sure that you understand me correctly:
It is unfortunate that many or most of you cannot speak german, but this is exactly what she says in this video, I listened to it myself.
At least I found a ca. 6 minute clip from the german video which has (quite crappy, but sufficient) english subtitles:
detailing a small part of her german video. The subtitle translation itself is relatively sh*tty, but for the most part correct, of course it also contains "the usual" errors and omissions by whoever was the translator.
There is also an english followup video from 2010 which miraculously somehow survived at Google (Youtube) (?!) to this very day:
Please also read the following text to find out what happened next:
Here you can read a general article about Jane Bürgermeister, which does not say very much unfortunately and which does not repeat her exact predictions she gave in the german video I mentioned above:
Here a more detailed article about Jane Bürgermeister:
At least these are some other english sources of information regarding her. I guess a lot of stuff, if not most about her, was scrubbed from the Internet, especially her blog(s) and internet sites.
Seems like she and a few other individual heros like her (like Mr. Wolfgang Wodarg, at least as far as I heard) saved us from the planned swine flu "vaccination" genocide of 2009 (which was planned to happen exactly as the 2020 coronavirus "pandemic") and therefore gained us 11 years. Unfortunately now we have to endure all this sh*t with 11 years delay.
Please note that in the german video she very briefly talks about "microchips" which were, according to her, supposed to be contained in the "vaccination" (in the 2009 "vaccination" already!), I personally would doubt this, as it seems that the technology was not advanced enough back then and is probably not advanced enough now, but as I am no expert in this field, I cannot confirm or deny it.
If you can dig up more english information about M(r)s Jane Bürgermeister, please compile it and share it!!!
Please share and distribute this information, as this is clear proof that all this was planned for a long, long time already!!!
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