Banking Crisis? – The Winners and Losers - Oligarchy Vs Masses
The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank SVB and Silvergate Bank resulted in depositors and account holders losing any covered funds above the level guaranteed by a US Government compensation scheme. Those who lost funds included private individuals, and business which may themselves fail due to loss of finances, with the impact affecting their employees’ pay, jobs and lives, and other associated businesses.
The collapse of the banks was the result of unbridled speculation, gambling, bad investments and poor governance, and whilst depositor funds were lost, recipients of these “investments” and financial partners benefitted. These funds didn’t just disappear into thin air, instead there was an orchestrated wealth transfer to certain parties, ultimate beneficiaries as yet unknown, all to the detriment of the normal depositor and investors who will suffer and be forgotten.

Likewise, the recent FTX collapse, labelled as another “Enron”, took down many associated businesses and negatively impacted the investor masses. Whilst FTX management are being investigated and prosecuted, will we ever know where these funds went and who the beneficiaries were of this massive laundromat fraud?

In the UK, the Financial Service Compensation Scheme FSCS similarly protects investors with up to £85,000 funds held by certain FSA regulated financial institutions. Whilst the majority of the public may not have £85,000, the small businesses, local shops, restaurants that do have this money, use it as much needed working capital, cash flow to survive and pay their employees, impacting those dependent upon the survival of these businesses in case of a similar banking collapse in UK.

People might recall the 2013 EC/ECB/IMF “Bail-In” experiment in Cyprus where investor/depositor funds were used to bail-out the Cypriot banking sector (including LAIKI Bank). Consider the Cypriot “Bail-In” as a test-case, implemented as a precursor to it being used to drive the Globalist Oligarchy agenda in the worldwide financial markets. Bail-Ins, coming to a country near you, anytime soon.

The advent of Central Bank Digital Currencies CBDCs. soon to be imposed under draconian plans by undemocratic faceless Supranational entities, will further restrict and negatively impact certain businesses and the dependent masses.
A cashless society where people and business, and their ability to transact will be restricted, controlled and monitored, where the faceless Oiigarchy will decide what you can buy, with whom you can transact, and with it, what you eat, where you can go, that is if they arbitrarily consider your actions suitable to allow you access to any money (Social Credit); Undermining and removing your inalienable human rights and liberties.
Imagine that Instead of being sanctioned or censored on social media for some trivial unexplained issue or dissenting comment, a faceless unelected organisation similarly denies you access to any money; Your money.

A banking collapse is no accident, it is an orchestrated transfer of wealth, and the masses are not the beneficiaries, it is they who will be impoverished, beholden to Government and subjugated into servitude of the Oligarchy, the mega-rich that benefitted from this wealth theft. Such “theft” via wealth transfers are yet another part pf the globalist Oligarchy’s neo-feudal totalitarian agenda.