As I mentioned, the assault I outlined at the beginning of this message is far from the only time we've been attacked by the pro-abortion mob. Just consider what we've faced in recent months, including:
*** One of our Students for Life Regional Coordinators, Mary Carmen, was assaulted. After the leak of the draft opinion showing the Supreme Court was poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, our Regional Coordinator Mary Carmen was attacked by a Black Lives Matter spokesperson and put into a choke hold. Mary was there to EXPOSE the Abortion Lobby’s lies, but instead she was greeted by people restraining her and screaming in her ears.
*** Students for Life’s St. Paul, Minnesota Campaign for Abortion Free Cities Organizer, Ellisha and her security guards were berated with racist insults. After the draft opinion leak, Ellisha was called “white trash” and “a white supremacist” despite the fact she’s not white, and even told that she is “ugly and useless.”*** A high school in Indiana BANNING a pro-life student from starting a Students for Life group on campus. This brave freshman student was being banned from starting a pro-life group on her high school campus despite the school approving other groups such as the Young Democrats and the Gender and Sexual Alliance (again, this is a high school!). She was even bullied by her teachers and the school principal who called her “bigoted” and “misogynistic” on social media. We were even forced to file a LAWSUIT against Noblesville High School for violating her First Amendment rights. Thankfully, we won our lawsuit and this brave young student was able to start her group, but even more high schools and colleges are censoring pro-lifer students since this incident.
*** A Pro-abortion protester attacked and destroyed one of our pro-life displays at a college campus in California as part of our “No Woman Stands Alone…in a Post-Roe America” National Tour. When this abortion radical saw our students sharing the pro-life message, he became enraged that he CHARGED our display. The damage was so extensive, many of the items on the table were completely destroyed by the end of his rampage. He even kicked our preborn baby models – the most expensive but one of the most effective tools at changing minds and saving lives – into the storm drains!
*** Multiple bomb threats attempting to shut down our pro-life speeches. Before one of my speeches on a college campus in California, campus police had to bring in bomb-sniffing dogs to clear the room. At another event in Minnesota, a student was caught "mixing chemicals" in a backpack in the middle of the auditorium, during our presentation. Campus police had to clear the auditorium and we finished our event in the freezing cold outside.
*** Pro-abortion "Women's Marchers" screaming at a pregnant mom when we played her preborn baby's heartbeat over a megaphone during the Women's March. These radicals were so incised that they ripped apart our signs and sprayed-painted over our message, on our students, and on a brand-new iPhone.