Michael Gordon, Networking Night Thursday, 2/22/2023, Next Steps 2023, Building The Parallel Society, February 22-25

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Here’s your chance to connect with old friends and make new ones!
Interactive activity on co-creating the world we want!
Live entertainment by Nokomis
Cocktail attire optional
Heavy hors d’oeurves
Cash Bar

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Michael Gordon
Born and raised in New England, Michael has lived the American Dream since the early 1960’s.

In his teens he dreamed of becoming a state wrestling champion and in seven years it happened.

In his twenties he dreamed of becoming a mathematician and in seven years it happened.

In his thirties he dreamed of becoming a software architect, husband, homeowner, and father of two children and in seven years it all happened.

But something else happened… in his twenty-nineth year… he was shaken to the core by the realization that something was seriously wrong in the American Dream, and thus all during his thirties this motivated him to discover the TRUTH about the American Dream and about human nature.

And then, in his late thirties, just after the start of the 21st century, something happened that he could not have dreamed possible… a miracle! He unwittingly pierced the veil that normally blocks our awareness of what lies beyond the 3-D world… eventually coming to realize the simple truth that “THE WORLD IS A DREAM AND WE ARE THE DREAMER!”

Now in his sixties, resident of Roswell Georgia, full-time spiritual warrior and political activist Michael Gordon is writing, teaching, healing, speaking, petitioning, organizing, and even running for state representative in Georgia in order to help save the American Dream from becoming merely part of a new global nightmare.

Join Michael during Networking Night if you dare to consider how it can be that WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER to make our dreams come true! Discover how our natural creative ability functions in this world of dreams. Participate in a lively presentation “CO-CREATING THE WORLD WE WANT” to help understand what is really happening in our world and what we can do about it. Let’s SHIFT THE PARADIGM away from resignation and instead let’s focus on CREATION… Be the change you wish to see in this world of dreams!

Because “what you resist – persists” and what you spend your time, energy and focus on is what you will surely bring more of into your experience, it is time to move away from spending most of our time and energy on the problem – we know what the problem is – and shift our focus onto solutions.

Once this PARADIGM SHIFT occurs, where we are focused on the world we want (Liberty & Justice for All AKA The American Dream) instead of the world we don’t want (the Globalist NWO Nightmare) all sorts of doors will open and solutions will appear! Simply by turning our attention to the solution will bring more of the solution.

This activity will bring a whole new meaning to the concept of Networking, because we are going to be Networking for Positive Change!

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