Nicole Sauce, Homesteading, Put Down Your Roots, Find Your Refuge, Next Steps 2023, Building The Parallel Society, February 22-25

Presented by: Nicole Sauce, Sherrie & Bobby Black, Louise Milleman

Learn how to:
Going off grid
Country living
Self sufficiency in the suburbs
Cooperative city neighborhoods
Grow your own food
Community gardening
Food preservation
And more!

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Living Free in Tennessee

Nicole’s small homestead is in the back hills of Tennessee. From it, she runs Holler Roast Coffee (HollerRoast.com) and hosts the podcast “Living Free in Tennessee,” which equips people with small business, self-reliance, and homesteading skills. She offers training events and conferences, including the Self Reliance Festival (SelfRelianceFestival.com); the LFTN Spring Workshop (LivingFreeinTennessee.com); and small-group, hands-on skill-building intensives. Recent workshops have included poultry, game, and ruminant processing; installing fence; and planting and pruning trees.

Nicole holds workshops at her onsite event facility and elsewhere. She is a featured speaker at conferences across the country. She offers individual coaching sessions and teaches courses through the Live Free Academy. Nicole has published several books on topics connected with food, homesteading, community-building, and coffee. Her books are available on Amazon or by emailing nicole@livingfreeintennessee.com.

Fifteen years ago, life took Nicole from the city to a country homestead, where she uses basic construction, horticultural, and other animal husbandry and housewifery skills to maintain a satisfying living. She preserves food; cooks from scratch; raises goats, sheep, rabbits, and poultry; and reads music. Since the big move, Nicole’s curiosity has awakened new passions: identifying and using wild medicinal and edible plants and fungi, organic and aquaponic farming, making cheese, curing meats, beekeeping, processing animals, roasting coffee, and podcasting.

She uses her lifelong curiosity about “how things work” to inspire people to grow; acquire and teach lost skills and crafts; and build the kind of community where shared interests and trust lead to better lives. Join our network of doers at Living Free in Tennessee.

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