Hi Russell Brand fans!

I’m so sorry for slacking on my post of material for this channel from Russell who is becoming more and more popular with now over 4 MILLION subscribers on YouTube who I feel we MUST bring to SOVREN along with Russell Brand himself!

I will most certainly do what I can to try and connect with his people to see what I can do, because while Russell is calling out Big Tech, they are obviously benefitting somewhat from his 4 million followers or they would be attacking him more. It’s hard to attack him though, because he ALWAYS uses mainstream media quotes in his videos lol! Brilliant!

But anyway, if you do happen to follow Russell on YT, please start begging him and his fans to come to SOVREN and share the link to his fan page here (if YT will allow it): https://www.sovren.media/u/russellbrandfan/

Also, I highly suggest subscribing to Russell’s newsletter and interacting with him (and mentioning SOVREN) because he says he wants to engage with like minded people who want to come together and start building an alternative society to the one being built for us by governments and banks colluding with big tech. Russell has a lot of great content to which you can subscribe, but you can start by subscribing to his newsletter at: www.russellbrand.com

I’m just a volunteer who loves freedom, loves Russell Brand’s work and philosophies (and humor), and loves what SOVREN is all about. I have actually been working to do some of the things Russell calls for and soon will begin launching my own content on SOVREN so let me know in the comments if you want to learn more about what I’m doing when it is ready.