Jason Bassler
You are being debunked by the best debunkers in the 21st century … Ph.D “experts.” Take honor. That’s the good news.

The bad news is there is currently no known way how to stop them. They are the King’s men who are the highest and best liars on the planet. They are well paid nobel prize University stars with blue ribbon awards, and fake smiles, whose mission is to promote the King’s Terra Carta. The debunkers are all Ph.Ds.

“Each of the reviewers contributing to our analyses holds a Ph.D. …”

The Ph.Ds debunk anonymous Fakebook posters too. Who are the smart people watching, brought to you by Pfizer, TV going to believe?

Judy Woodruff of course. And the other smart Ph.Ds.

Ph.Ds get another star. They own the narrative … the Terra Carta is the King’s plan for the future and it looks like their agenda may be to depopulate the Earth in favor of nature. It will be the legacy of the 21st century King Charles III.

At Aristaeus.Club we don’t believe their lies… germ theory never became germ fact. We know petroleum does not originate from fossils. The climate has been changing for a long time … probably always. No one knows what the correct temperature of the Earth is supposed to be.

We know that the King’s men are spraying our skies, and heating the ionosphere, to control the weather. We do not know how to stop them, but we are sure they are preventing the sun’s rays from reaching the Earth, in places, on a daily basis. They are liars causing all the chaos.

This guy…
Douglas MacMartin, Senior Research Associate, Cornell University:

Debunking Dane Wigington while being funded for geoengineering. Classic Lenin technique.

Doug MacMartin, senior research associate in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, will lead a team from the Cornell Climate Engineering group. The SilverLining grant will be matched by an anonymous donor for a $1 million total grant, administered through the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability, which provided seed funding.
Over the next two years, MacMartin and his team will develop a broad set of climate model simulations to gauge the impact of stratospheric aerosol injection, not only for the Earth’s temperature, but on other variables such as precipitation patterns to Arctic sea ice coverage.

Engineer to model sunshine deflection for cooling planet.

Solar geoengineering describes hypothetical strategies to combat global warming by reflecting sunlight away from the Earth. There is no scientific evidence that solar geoengineering is happening or having catastrophic effects on the planet or human health. There is also no scientific evidence of aircraft chemtrails. Instead, aircrafts produce contrails when water vapor from jet exhaust mixes with the atmosphere and condenses at high altitudes.