Check out our partner for this episode, www.CreateTailwind.com The FTX Scandal and Ukraine, what is the truth? There are three facts you need to know: 1. The founder of FTX, Sam Bankman Fried, appears to have stolen billions from customers who held crypto in his exchange. 2. Sam Bankman Fried is a massive donor to the Democratic party, giving $40 million dollars in this last election cycle. He is the second largest democratic donor after George Soros. 3. Sam Bankman Fried did reportedly “raise” over $60 million dollars for Ukraine but that story is the one that the media doesn’t want to talk about. Did he really raise $60 million for Ukraine, or did he steal it? Where did that money come from? And why did all those donations come in for Ukraine in just 2 weeks in April after the fundraiser was announced and not one dollar since? The truth is that this story stinks and we’re going to reveal details you’re not going to see anywhere else.