One year ago …
Ben Swann gave this interview to the Gateway Pundit.

‘SOVREN’ New Social Media Platform That Cannot Be Censored By Big Tech Launches Today (VIDEO)
By Alicia Powe
Published October 25, 2021

Alicia Powe “I really love the name Sovren.“

Ben Swann,
“Sovren does something no other platform has done. We take the best of social media platforms, integrating newsfeeds, pictures & images, streaming video, livestream, written articles and social groups, and then we back them up using the same blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. You see, Sovren is your space. A space that is built beyond the reach of big tech elites. It is a site built for the people and by the people.
And it’s because we trust that the people should have the right to speak up in this democracy … have the right, in a Republic, to choose their representatives … have a right to dissent from authority figures who are demanding each and every day to take more control over your life. Big tech has chosen their side and we have chosen ours.”

I am delighted to be among the first here at Sovren.media as it continues to grow. Nobody wants to be banned. Life is challenging enough to navigate without the hocus-pocus magic narratives the cabal uses to cause chaos and control society … elastic currency, lies in media, war on drugs, war on people, non-violent prisoners, war on nature, war on industrial hemp, raw milk, and good nutrition … banning and shadow banning truth … all their chaos.

Ben Swann getting banned all over the Internet had to suck for him because “Truth In Media” is what he does, yet it is good for the rest of us who want to live in a voluntary society because we get to use Sovren.Media.

Thank you Ben, for creating this opportunity for all of us.

We made the front page of Gateway Pundit! Read and watch the interview here: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/sovren-new-social-media-platform-cannot-censored-big-tech-launches-today-video/