When it Started September 23 2022
by Dodi Jones

Your just sitting thinking and suddenly something hits you like a ton of bricks. That happened to me this morning. Something happened and now you realize how significant that discovery really was It was when we all were forced to change from our analog TV's for digital TV's. It happened very fast. We were told it was going to make our movies clearer and our TV experience much better.

My friend Joe and I were sitting talking about how strange this seemed, why the urgent need to change. So we bought a cheap digital TV and opened it up and discovered a small camera and mic facing forward behind the screen that you could not see from outside. So we started looking into what changing from analog to digital meant. Analog is one direction communication our TV's could only receive and could not send. Changing to digital meant our TV's would now be able to receive and send information. They were going to spy on us through our TV's

That's when I got rid of my TV. We knew this was bad but never could have imaged it was the beginning of where we are today with having our every action observed and recorded.