Michael's Newsletter

NCIS is Garbage Within one single episode of the garbage show NCIS that I'm kinda watching with my grandmother while I practice Spanish on, the characters badmouth "conspiracy theories" 😅 and then ignore HYPOASCORBEMIA in the context of exposure to a biological agent. If you're unfamiliar with HYPOASCORBEMIA, I would highly recommend looking into the work of Dr. Thomas Levy over at Now, all of the cheesy acting and ignorance of fundamental biology aside, let's address the logic (or complete lack thereof) in using the term "conspiracy theory" in a pejorative manner: If you are a competent adult, you should be open to theorizing about conspiracies. The only other alternatives are to let other people do your thinking for you, or you're ignorant of the fact that conspiracies actually transpire. These are two articles that I've authored about two of the most important conspiracies to study. [9/11 Was An Inside Job] [The Dollar Is A Ponzi Scheme]