Robert Gouveia Esq.
Aug 04, 2022
Streamed live 2 hours ago
#FBI #PeterNavarro #BreonnaTaylor
Cruz vs. Wray on FBI's Militia Symbols; DOJ Wants Navarro's ProtonMail; Breonna Taylor Cops Indicted. Senator Ted Cruz goes after FBI Director Christopher Wray during a Senate Judiciary Hearing Committee, where Wray denies knowing about a leaked document detailing the FBI's interpretation of militia symbols. Christopher Wray tells ranking member Grassley that he needs to leave early and cannot discuss anything related to the Hunter Biden investigation.

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Peter Navarro, seeking a writ of replevin authorizing the U.S. government to obtain emails from Navarro's ProtonMail account. We also review the docket in Navarro's criminal case and preview the upcoming status conference scheduled in August.

Four current and former police officers from Louisville Kentucky have been federally indicted on charges related to the Breonna Taylor killing. Biden Administration Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the new charges and published the indictments, which allege the police officers engaged in a conspiracy to draft a fictitious search warrant and coverup their mistakes after the fact. Bad Popo (who are still presumed innocent): Kyle Meany, Joshua Jaynes, Brett Hankison and Kelly Goodlett


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