This is all a charade. We evolved to necessitate nutrients and not drugs or vaccines. In fact, the EXACT process of developing immunity from exposure is more safely accomplished by intermittently administering high doses of ascorbic acid and alternately letting an acute exposure cause an immediate immune response.

They tell us to #TrustTheScience

OK. Thats a little patronizing, but it definitely makes sense. So let's talk science.

Science is a method of verification that has been used to establish the following: Humans have a genetic predisposition to viral infection successfully treated with doses of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) that at least mimic normal mammalian liver function. We're missing an hepatic enzyme that biosynthesizes glucose into the vitamin.

Science has established those facts.

When people ignore exercise, sunlight, nutrition, and genetic predisposition in favor of pushing vaccines, you're not dealing with health care professionals; you're dealing with drug dealers.





Dr. Aaron Kheriaty explains why it’s time to #FollowTheScience + acknowledge natural immunity. CDC + FDA’s vaccine-only agenda refuses to do basic epidemiological research. Our public health establishment has failed us — they are not tracking the REAL DATA! ➡️ https://bit.ly/3LReQo7