When Benjamin Franklin came out of the first Constitutional Convention he was asked by a reporter, "what kind of government did you create?" He stated "It's a republic if you can keep it." Unfortunately, we did not!

I am a frustrated constitutionalist that endeavors to help people to realize that our nation's government was created a Constitutional Republic, not the Corporate Democracy we hear about every day!
Even intelligent people like Ben Swann, and Tucker Carlson repeatedly refer to it as a democracy.
None of the founding documents have the word democracy or democratic in them. This can be easily seen by bringing up the document on your computer, pushing control F, and putting the word democracy into the page scan. You will not find the word democracy.
This is the most important fact missing from the minds of 99.99% of the population, and must be corrected if we are ever to really take back control from the International Banking elite who hijacked us via the monetary coup of 1913 known as the Federal Reserve Act.
What people do not understand is that when they elect a President today they are essentially electing the corporate head of the United States Inc., which is no different than that of McDonalds. This allows our so called leaders to pass unconstitutional state statutes, which they have been doing since 1913.
The Founding Fathers loathed democracies in fact Ben Franklin stated: " a democracy is two Wolves and a Lamb voting on what to eat!"

Those that seek to interpret the Constitution, including the Supreme Court of the United States, only seek to undermine it. All one need do is read it. We have the right to free speech, MEANS we have the right to free speech. No scholars are required to interpret that! Clearly, that right has been extremely undermined.
The people you are electing to public office are for the most part, not concerned about your rights, and are paid handsomely by you to undermine you.
There is no Presidential candidate, including Trump that can fix this. Only we the people can.