We should ask a difficult but important question: are the Tribes truly sovereign nations (as per our federal treaties), or are they US colonies? Somehow we continue to treat them as colonies, subsidizing their governments and inviting them to dictate to our state and federal governments. Whether we agree with the origins of the treaties or not, we seem to be breaking all Constitutional boundaries as sovereigns both, and treating them as subordinates. Which is it? And what does that mean for liberty -- not just ours, but theirs as well? Liberty State believes in the boundaries to governments created by the Constitution. Help us build a state that (still) believes in that.
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Credit: KVEWTULALIP, Wash. — Governor Jay Inslee will sign several tribal-related bills into law on Thursday. One of these bills include House Bill 1571, which establishes protections and services for indigenous persons who are missing, murdered, or survivors of human trafficking. House Bill 1725 will also become law, which will create a missing persons advisory specifically for indigenous persons. Another…