Constitutional Army of America founded by @reeceportal

Standing for the Constitution and Our Bill of Rights, For the True Patriots of the real United States of America (the Republic) !
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This toxicity is destroying our nation !


Just look at Africa's history for the last 50 years,
and you will know where America will be soon.

~ Reality


"The Constitution is just a God damn piece of paper."
-George W. Bush, 43rd President of The United States


NOBODY will save the poor.
NOBODY will stop the war.
NOBODY will fix the system.
NOBODY is a good politician.

Law Without Government

"Such an institution of coercion - centralizing immorality, directing theft and murder, and co-ordinating oppression on a scale inconceivable by random criminality - exists. It is the Mob of mobs, Gang of gangs, Conspiracy of conspiracies. It has murdered more people in a few recent years than all the deaths in history before that time; it has stolen in a few recent years more than all the wealth produced in history to that time; it has deluded - for its survival - more minds in a few recent years than all the irrationality of history to that time. Our Enemy, The State." -Samuel Edward Konkin III
"The state is a gang of thieves writ large" -Murray Rothbard

[9/11 Was An Inside Job]
[The Dollar Is A Ponzi Scheme]

Alliance of the Libertarian Left
Black flags for black markets!

Agora! Anarchy! Action!
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* Private/Citizen Property can Not be Taxed !
* Only Business Properties Can be Taxed ! via % of "Profits"

~ The People of America