OMG! Lost Joe Biden Nearly Pushed Off the Stage in Today’s G20 Rome Official Photo – Caught Talking to Himself...He is falling apart at the seams, poops his pants in front of the Marxist Pope, then almost shoved off stage while talking to himself.

Trending Worldwide on Twitter, #poopypantsbiden America and her President are the "Butt" of the Worlds Jokes.


The G20 Rome Summit kicked off today in Italy. The leaders of the top 20 economies met at the Rome Convention Centre ‘La Nuvola’, in the city’s EUR district. The Media Centre is located in the congress arena (‘Palazzo dei Congressi’), in the same district. The leaders paused for a photo at the Summit earlier…



Ice Cube Gives Up Major Movie Role — and $9 Million Payday — After Refusing to Get Covid “Vaccine”. Much Respect for Ice Cube!


Rapper and actor Ice Cube was scheduled to star in Sony's yet-to-shoot "Oh Hell No" comedy movie but walked away from the project after turning down the film producers' request that he get a COVID-19 vaccination, the Hollywood Reporter said Friday. The artist had partnered with comedic actor and mus...