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In a cashless society, would churches no longer have collection plates? How would I pay the babysitter or the neighbor kid to mow the lawn? What about yard sales? And cash tips for workers in food services? What about kids wanting to buy candy or ice cream after school? No more coins to play Arcade Games? Are we expected to trust our kids with their own credit cards which they could lose or abuse? And, OMG! Will there no longer be Piggy Banks? What about Christmas tips for your postman and other service people? Or The Salvation Army Christmas Bell-Ringers? What about Farmers Markets and Crafts Fairs? And will nobody have a secret stash of cash “in case of emergency” under the mattress, in a sock or under a floorboard any more? And how about Birthday Cards with cash from Granny? And weed dealers? Will they accept plastic? And how will panhandlers or the homeless survive? What about all the people who can’t afford $100 to open a bank account, or just don’t want or need one?

Going cashless discriminates against poor people, in so many ways. I think it sends a heartless message to the downtrodden. Basically those pushing digital cash are hoping to do away with people who do not have a bank account. They are waging war on the less fortunate, making it close to impossible for them to survive. Is that not, perhaps, “malicious intent”?

In many instances cash is quicker, cheaper (no bank fees) and anonymous. I just read that the government of some country in the EU will be investigating any purchases over a hundred Euros, FFS!

A friend just got a notice from her bank saying they’d be changing their policies. From now on, they can refuse to pay a charge if they feel the seller was “engaged in illicit activities”! They could stop ANY payment to just about ANYONE with THAT excuse!

Do we really want the government monitoring our every move and deciding if an expense is “valid”? Valid according to whom?

Remember the Canadian Trucker Convoy? People had their bank accounts FROZEN because they made a donation or BOUGHT A TEESHIRT!

I saw a video of someone paying for gas with a CHIP EMBEDDED ON THE BACK OF HIS HAND! And he was CHUFFED about it! We’ve gone so wrong!

Is that not the “Mark of the Beast”? I’m no Biblical scholar, but it seems like it to me!

They want to have it all together in one place, all the easier for surveillance purposes. They want to embed the chips in everyone, so they can monitor our every movement, have our j@b status on there, our medical history, any prescriptions, our age, weight, our bodily temperature — who knows what else?

If the psychopaths get their way, every human on earth will be entered into a database where constant monitoring will be the norm! From there they could monitor everything we buy and consume - including our junk food, cigarette or alcohol consumption, and they would be able to stop payment on any item they deemed harmful or unnecessary for one’s survival!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating for consuming massive quantities of things that are bad for you. But just like with the j@bs, I want to be able to MAKE MY OWN CHOICE! Isn’t that what “FREEDOM” is all about?

And here’s another thing to consider. When they outlawed booze. What happened? Did people stop drinking? Oh, HELL no! Prohibition created a whole new, very lucrative Black Market industry. Same with abortions. Women didn’t stop getting them! They just found doctors who would perform them, legal or not.

And so it will go if they outlaw cash. It will still be around, for those illicit purchases, but the banks and the governments won’t see a penny of that money. Instead, law enforcement officers (paid with taxpayer funds) would have to be hired to try to apprehend the new class of “cash criminals”.

The government wants digital cash so they can collect taxes from every fiscally strapped one of us. I’m sure the wealthy will still be able to avoid paying THEIR fair share, but us poor shlubs who get paid under the table or earn very little, will be hunted down and taxed way more than we can afford.

Why do you think they hired 87,000 more IRS workers? You didn’t think they were going to go after Musk and Bezos, did you?

And one other thing - does EVERYTHING we do HAVE to involve plastic? Can’t we at least be developing HEMP plastic?

Nowhere good, I guarantee. That’s why we need to nip this power grab in the bud. We cannot afford to lose this one!

Cashless is so wrong in so many ways!