Meanwhile in the major city 40 miles to our north, this is another example of illegal immigrants misbehaving and doing drugs in a hotel that was converted for them to stay in by New York City's government. And this post was written on May 30, 2023:

And one of the ironic parts of the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 that I can't forget (at least in my home state of New Jersey, can't speak for everywhere in America) is that the individual protest leaders were mostly White well-off suburban kids who are my age (late teens, early 20s).

For example, a protest in Randolph, NJ (a town I formerly lived in) was organized by Drew Brown, a 20 year old White guy.
And also, a protest in Verona, NJ was organized by a group of 3 White women who were recent high school graduates.
And these protests were held in June 2020.

So all I'm saying is it's interesting that people who pushed Black Lives Matter commie propaganda in New Jersey had the opportunity to be raised in low crime, very nice suburbs.
Because that's exactly what Randolph and Verona are (and especially Randolph which has a walking trail system and where many houses sell for 600 to 800 thousand dollars)!

I just thought of posting 2 things that I'm thankful/grateful for in my life (in general, not just political) while we deal with this insane political time in America.
And first, Thank God I'm a churchgoing Catholic Christian who tries to live by the Bible (and doesn't allow the concepts of LGBT marriage, pornography, and abortion).

Also, I'm thankful for working 2 jobs in grocery stores (once in 2018/2019 and once in 2022), since most of my generation doesn't seem to want that opportunity. And for reference on that one I'm 21 years old.

Hi everybody on Sovren Media,
*This post is about somewhere 40 minutes from where I grew up in Randolph, NJ, so you might not have heard of this place.*

But for over 30 years (and possibly longer than that), East Orange, New Jersey has been known as a struggling city.

And when I was growing up a few years ago, my parents and I thought of East Orange as a place that you quickly drove by on Route 280, but never stopped in because of the fear of getting shot, being pickpocketed, or being involved in some other type of crime.
But that fear is valid as East Orange has one of the top crime rates in New Jersey (along with Newark), and it is also a majority Black city with around 70,000 people living in it.

But in my opinion, there's 2 reasons for why East Orange has been a struggling city for 30 years.
One reason could be simply racial difference between Black and White people, because the majority White cities of Verona and Livingston (which are no more than 20 minutes away and are in the same county as East Orange) have lower crime and are relatively safe cities to live.

But the other reason is single parent family rates (because I have read online articles that claim a person has a much higher chance of committing crime if they are raised in a single parent household).
And I don't know how true that is, but East Orange's single parent rate is estimated at 71.5 percent (according to city-data. com) so that could be part of the reason too.

Hi everybody on Sovren Media,
This is a person my age (21 years old) from Mullica Hill, New Jersey who suddenly died at a college in York, Pennsylvania without an explanation given. But I mention this because since there's no explanation, it's probably another COVID-19 vaccine death that's being covered up.

Andrew "Drew" Ruehlicke, of Mullica Hill, New Jersey, was a junior at York College of Pennsylvania.