East Anglia University
The E-Mails

The hockey stick
The code bug

Dan Rather

Flashing Warning Lights
From 1964 to now and every month worse and yet….,


Lived 5 houses from Larry McMurtry my brother in Larry’s class.
Larry tried to be a normal guy.
Never had a chance!
My brother and several from their class used my car I had fixed to go fast to take Larry to Mexico.
We all reading this know what young guys went to Mexico for.
Larry was such a book worm he had not even had a date.
I on the other hand came to know both his sisters in the Biblical way!

EE degree UTA, tried to dodge the draft by joining the Navy!
They took us in 4 of us in same shape. They assigned us to Marine Corps at induction station

Next in with real Marines ect for 8 weeks learning how to crawl in mud and swim in 50 F ocean LittleCreek

Then Ft Benning and pushed out of planes to be told we knew how to jump then Twenty-Nine Palms to learn how to crawl like a snake on hot sand

Then sensor install into Laos with real Marines ect and S Korean body guards.

“Critical Skill” we where told so 3 years total
Operation Igloowhite with crazy SOG peoples

1966 Corvette
KZ 1000
Ski backwards Arapaho Basin
Ranch and Farm so I can pay taxes