Here's a new column I wrote: "Freedom for Muslims, Freedom for All"

It’s a reasonable statement to say that all human beings have the intrinsic right to be free, and thus we can demand: “Freedom for Muslims, Freedom for All.” However, it is unfortunate for Muslims that the vast majority of people living under Islam are not free. They are repressed by a form of totalitarianism that I describe as “the Ultimate Tyranny.”

Stating that Islam is the Ultimate Tyranny will undoubtedly offend Muslims and many non-Muslims as well. Thus, I do not want to be misunderstood. I am not “anti-Muslim.” In fact, I am pro-human being and would like to help the human beings who just happen to be Muslim to escape the tyranny under which they suffer.

In light of the many attacks on marriage and family, you might find this column I just wrote interesting:

"Marriage and Family and the God Who Created Everything"

~ Marriage and family are where love is born, nurtured, and developed to maturity. For that reason, we must protect those institutions and ensure that they are not warped, destroyed, or cast aside. ~

Here's a video of a talk I gave in 2021, called "In Defense of Love and Freedom." I think it's particularly valuable now, in 2022, as we watch our country at the knife edge of utter collapse. Liberals and conservatives must unite and push back against the evil powers of totalitarianism. I hope you like it --- if you do, spread it around and leave a comment!

I have a new column, which is the text of a speech I gave tonight at an event hosted by the Gray Republican Committee in Gray, Maine.

"The 2020 Election: Corruption, Intimidation, and Malfeasance"

Every voter in every state, city, and town, needs to ask these two questions:

For the sake of preserving America’s freedoms, should we enforce all necessary controls to make sure that elections are never stolen by immoral people?

Why do Leftists’ heads explode when we bring up these topics? If Leftists were not stealing elections but thought that conservatives were stealing them, they would applaud these suggestions. Their attempts to block voting controls demonstrate their immoral motivations and begs the question: what are they hiding?

Here's my new article:
The Emperor Has No Clothes:
Rejecting the Totalitarian Transgender Movement

== A woman was raped in a hospital by a transgender man, and the hospital denied it, insisting that “the rape could not have happened” as “there was no male in the hospital.” ===