Jonny Twobears discuss seeing UFO/UAP over ATL Hartsfield airport with other ground crew members.

Jonny Twobears does a live podcast and discusses sasquatch activity and his research.

Going over audio and video from week before last

The SEB team interviews Florida Bigfoot researcher Richard Farabee to learn about his encounters and field investigations in the Sunshine State.

New episode where Jonny Twobears discusses what could have been a sasquatch encounter while doing a section hike on the AT Trail!

Jonny Twobears and Cpt Joe talk discuss the AT encounter that Jonny and Mike had while doing a section hike, plus some incidents around Jonny's home.

Jonny Twobears recently had a strange encounter while doing a 40 mile section hike on the AT !

Mike Taylor and I hiked a 40 mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail.On our second night we had some very interesting activity.