You do not have sovereignty or democracy if the globalist in the World Economic Forum decide what you do, when you do it, and how you do it.

The decision making is suppose to end with your elected representatives. People outside of your borders and government are not allowed to make decisions for you.

Your politicians are not meant to take orders off these people. They are meant to take orders off you the electorate/voter.

That's why it's called representative democracy. They are suppose to represent you, not the globalists!

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What is it with the West, that they have to go out of there way to make china an enemy. Have you noticed ever since the Pivot to China by the Wankers called the USA the rest of the West has followed suit.

Can someone tell me what it is that China has done to be classed as this great enemy.

According to Sunak "The Asian giant represents the “largest threat” to the UK and to global “security and prosperity” as a whole, Sunak claimed"

What is this great threat?
Is it just the fact that China will over take America and, become the number one country economically in a few years and, America who can't compete on a level playing field, has to resort to the usual dirty tricks.

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RT responds to ‘trial after conviction’ by UK media watchdog


The rest of the mainstream media in the UK is not biased.

They're biased as hell. Absolutely no objective coverage of the conflict what so ever. Not one report of the Russian point of view.

No critical reporting of the West's support for Ukraine in this proxy war. It's Saint Ukraine all the way.

Absolutely no critical reporting of the suspension of democracy in Ukraine but plenty of criticism of the Russian system.

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Era of Western dominance ending – Tony Blair


Blair is nothing but a two faced sanctimonious hypocrite!

It's ok for the West to invade other countries as and when they feel like. Annex land as in Kosovo and Syria with the golden heights.

The West seems to think it's ok to do what they want but it's not ok for countries outside of the West to do the same. Total hypocrisy!

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If you're looking to get a clearer picture of what's happening in Ukraine war have a look at this video.

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