Chronically Human Podcast S2 Ep2 - Justin Goodman - The White Coat Waste Project - Uniting Liberty Lovers and Animal Lovers to stop Taxpayer Funding of Medical Experments involving Animals. The White Coat Waste project uncovered Anthony Fauci's support of gain of function research, documents supporting the possibilty that the coronavirus did come from a Lab Leak & how taxpayers fund $20 billion in animal research each year. #medicalfreedom #animalrights #liberty

CHP - S2 Ep2 Our Guest today is Justin Goodman. He is the VP of Policy for the White Coat Waste Project. They are a highly effective, non-partisan, advocacy group that is dedicated to ending taxpayer

Chronically Human Podcast S2 Ep 1 : Per Bylund "How to Think About the Economy" Improve your economic literacy through the Austrian School of Economics perspective.

#economicfreedom #mises #liberty #libertarian #free market

On this episode of the Chronically Human Podcast, we talk with Per Bylund. Per is a Fellow of the Mises Institute and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. We discuss his new boo