The Sovren team welcomes "The People’s Convoy" to our platform!

The People's Convoy has been prominent among the many recent global movements to peacefully protest government health mandates. These activists have not only been smeared and dishonestly mischaracterized, but outright censored by big tech. We are thrilled to have this group take part in Sovren.

Join the group here: https://sovren.media/c/the-people-s-convoy-official

The People’s Convoy group recently spent time carefully exploring alternative networks that would help to continue this movement. They found Sovren- and our new group feature, Sovren Circles- to be their perfect fit.

The vision of The People’s Convoy is focused on supporting citizen freedoms and civil liberties by calling attention to the damage caused by unconstitutional mandates from governments. Members of this convoy have expressed their dedication to protecting the liberty of current and future generations.

“We built Sovren with individual freedom in mind, including the freedom to peacefully protest unjust action and share solutions. We are so proud that The People’s Convoy chose Circles to protect and expand those efforts, as our platform embraces the exchange of ideas without disruption via censorship,” said @BenSwann, founder and CEO of Sovren.

The trucking convoy protest has grown into an international effort, and this is just one of many initiatives illustrating the need for more voices to be heard and better social connection all over the world. At Sovren we embrace this vision across the entire platform, by combining video and social networking to create a space where communication can flourish once again.