Welcome to my circle! My name is Jae - a retirement planning specialist in the DFW area of Texas. On this channel, we will discuss all things "retirement" - what makes it work, how to achieve it, what can derail it, and so much more. There are also a lot of common misconceptions we will be diving deeper into.

If any one has ANY questions, or would like to discuss something specific - please don't hesitate. I don't have ALL the answers obviously, but I will answer to the best of my knowledge and always give you my honest unbiased opinion.

Aside from my financial work (10+ years as a commodities broker, decades of personal research and study, and more recently working as a retirement planning specialist), I'm currently a student at the American College of Financial Services on a full scholarship for having served in the US Marine Corps. I first found the "liberty movement" through Dr. Paul during the 2012 campaign, where I actively participated in events to try to help him get elected. While the results were heart-breaking to say the least, I am hopeful that the message will continue to spread through freedom-loving platforms such as this.

My desire in starting this channel is to help more people achieve financial freedom. So much of the mainstream financial education is skewed to benefit the industry and not the people. I hope to share some insights, help people avoid common pitfalls, and help more people achieve the REAL retirement that they deserve.