Our team is thrilled to announce Sovren Circles!

Sovren Circles is our platform's brand new group feature to grow and support communities. Organizations, content creators and individuals at Sovren will now be able to freely and swiftly share information by creating or joining a group called a Circle.

Inside of Sovren Circles, you will be able to truly connect: chat with others in real time, find important announcements, post Sovren’s content as well as outside links, and share photos- all within the Sovren platform.

To create a Circle: login and click the home icon, and then click “Create Circle” on the left side of the screen. It will bring you to this page: https://sovren.media/c/create/

Then navigate to your newly created Circle, click "about", and start to invite your followers!

Circles can be used to connect to others for many purposes- from hobbies and common interests to grassroots organizations, activism and more. We’re also excited to share that our Circles feature will also allow for fundraising through our Sovren Token system. While other service providers have been shutting down fundraising efforts, Sovren allows for fundraising right inside your Circle.

Big Tech has been repeatedly censoring and banning groups and users from platforms- continually thwarting people from engaging in free association and communication- and those companies will deliberately continue doing so in their attempt to control the flow of information. Sovren is following its original vision of protecting the free exchange of ideas, with Circles as our newest feature.

And as always, Sovren is continuing to grow without any use of tech services from Apple, Google, or Amazon. Our platform is making it easier for everyone to leave big tech behind and become Sovren.

We invite you to sign in, create your own Circle, and check out Circles created by others.

Watch: https://sovren.media/video/sovren-introduces-circles-779.html