USA Congress is literally reduced 2 NOTHING more than a bunch of loud mouth, do nothing, $$$ -ed up debater's via Deep State, (NON) intelligent community & misc-etc else of USA-global publicly known & worse NON publicly known Power Elite's (fill in the blank's) with ever more daily tick tock 'Time' past-2 date literally exhibited killing-murdering variously ANY 1 (even amidst THEIR own rank & file cabal's) that (the algorithm?) tell THEM might B a threat 2 THEIR reign via-by way, path, avenue of-with bringing order to THEIR non voluntary-non optional & forced way of of how ALL should B by literally sacrificing majority of USA-global 8 billion plus dust & ash corpse's as killing is the most abhorrent, mindless profession known. & as 4 ME, "The price of freedom is high. Always has been. And it's a price I'm willing 2 pay. And if I'm the only 1, then SO B it!