& HUH, DON'T think U truly know pain - horror & nightmare, huh VAST individually 2 date thru such Coming Time God deems WILL 'know it' immediately after 1's-YO last human (NON SELF owned via Holy Bible's Luke 9:24) breath ie: death, B it 1's-YO own assigned Heaven Life Record (sole alone convictor) of YO (NON SELF owned via Holy Bible's Luke 9:24) Soul, Jesus just has 2 present 1 their-YO assigned Heaven Life Record 2 them-YA-U. Sigh, huh, U fellow humanity, even THOSE (fill in the blank's) BOTH public known & worse - THOSE non publicly know ie: mere example: syndicate's, cabal's, misc above Earth's level ground & mile's down below Earth's ground ie: Area 51 fool's & even New Mexico's 7 mile down Dulce military base.