It's just sort of TRUSTING Jesus & NOT relying on 1 SELF thus 2 B a SELF denied humble Warrior student instrument 4 solely alone HIS glory, misc, NOT 1 SELF (a human individual, misc). BUT sadly MUST over centuries-2 date has been lost, twisted, suppressed, misc put 4th 4 $ profit, 4 control of & over other's, this & that else & THAT ain't cool, it's evil, unholy, ugh NOT cool or (kosher meaning proper), 2 SELF choose 2 exhibit outwardly while B-ing strictly SELF honest ie: SELF transparent ie: not afraid 2 admit when 1 (SELF) is wrong, overall exhibit good character nature. The word “kosher” means “proper, correct”; it is applied to religious objects or religious behavior. 2 SELF allow Jesus & Holy Bible 2 help (shape) each 1 of us individually 2 learn SELF deny & SELF discipline (a sense of holiness) & dedicated, consistent, diligently & committed 2 Jesus-Holy Trinity, no matter external around U or what other's may say-think, misc.