I am honored to help create and add to this daring and necessary alternative channel to bringing the truth to you and to the world.

Censorship always causes more harm than good. "Nudging" to achieve certain political and corporate aims while having monopolistic control of all the main channels places too much power in the hands of a few, and too many opportunities to act with malicious self-interest.

So here we are. Here I am.

My work? Exposing the BS wherever and whenever it shows up. One example was the odious article in the WSJ a couple of days ago wringing its hands over the 90,000 Covid cases *per day* in the US.

Nowhere did it mention early treatment. Nowhere did it ask the most obvious of all questions; "Wait, why are we doing so poorly in the US compared to other countries such as Bangladesh, India, and Japan?"

If that question were asked, then the obvious conclusion would be that, after 2 years, the US health authorities at the CDC, the FDA and the NIH generally, and Tony Fauci specifically, have failed in their jobs.

They. Have. Failed.

We deserve better from them, and we deserve better from the feckless US press that cannot seem to speak truth to power anymore. They merely are stenographers of our decline, meekly wringing their hands and shrugging at the spectacle as if it were some inexplicable natural phenomenon.

It's nothing of the sort. It's very simple. People in power have botched the job. It's an old story of incompetence and corruption. Nothing new under this sun.

So be sure to ask this one question over and over again; "if public health measures are working in total, why are more people dead this year than last?"

It's a question that cannot be answered satisfactorily. Perhaps, with luck, if we ask it enough, we can turn the tide. If we don't...then we have a(nother) date with Mr. Authoritarianism and he's been a right mean bastard in the past.