U humanity (USA-globally) R playing with, etc understatedly very literally unholy - FAITH & misc of Holy Bible & OH nevertheless ain't the Holy truth a bitch (a hard pill 2 swallow); MORE SO - likely the whole SELF damn capable adult species is likewise understatedly B-ing worthy of literal CEASEMENT! Gotten EVERYTHING past historically 2 date wrong ie: so called twistable fact's, misc info & have damn audacity (the nerve) 2 deem God ain't done nothing so HE must B ok with ALL exhibited, but U no or don't care? WRONG! HE'S not done nothing cuz nothing has been HIS responsibility, it's always been ours WITH our need 2 daily B Holy counseled ie: like a student but like failing student's = NOTHING is as it should B cuz we overall as a species FAIL HIM!