[This was posted to Facebook 2 years ago. I think it still holds up and echoes my sentiments today, so I'm sharing it with YOU.]

My government has recently turned me somewhat racially biased. I've always treated and thought of others of all races and religions as equal to me. Never had a prejudiced bone in my body.

The current US administration pendulum has swung so far left, exaggerated and OVER-corrected this global issue, it has felt like MY rights as a law-abiding American citizen no longer matter~ and it makes me feel utterly furious.

I will respect you and honor you, but if you try to shove ANYTHING down My throat, I'm gonna rebel with every cell in my body. I had Christianity force-fed to me as a teen, and that went badly, so you have some idea of where I stand with Biden's bullshit.

All the people I've known throughout the course of my entire life have been inclusive-minded like Me. Like attracts like, after all. Nobody in my world has been racially biased, and we've all had black, Asian and Hispanic friends, and still do.

For the relatively SMALL number of exclusionary groups (skinhead neo-nazis, anti-semites, and black-hating idiots), rules don't work anyway, so what's the point of forcing racial awareness onto these undercooked minority factions? Any government that thinks it can abolish HATE in someone, is as naive and morally bankrupt as the people it's trying to reach.

Let's say, I like Spam (ew!), but I don't wanna eat it every day. If you FORCE me to eat it, you're gonna trigger in me not only outrage, but fierce rebellion. Well, it's the same with "woke" culture~ which is a misnomer to begin with.

First, the word itself is as grammatically incorrect as you can possibly get. It implies a far LESS than intelligent group of people who cling to the ideation it represents, which means to impose their language on members of society at large, who are capable and used to expressing themselves in succinct and proper English.

The "woke" culture as it's called, isn't CULTURE at all. There's nothing whatsoever that's cultural about it, and it should more accurately be called (if anything) "Woke Club," because that's truly all it IS. It's slang that's no more lofty than "hey" which has become a colloquialism that in My opinion, has been over-used by far too many, for way too fucking long. Those of MY generation would autocorrect others who used it by admonishing, "hey" (hay) is for horses!

Intellectual merit is no longer valued and sought after when hiring someone for a position. If they fit the mandatory race-inclusive requirements for "equal opportunity" percentage, they get the job over someone far more qualified to perform well~ whether their talent corresponds with having a higher level of education behind em or not.

There's already so much incompetence in our world, it's frightening to even ponder. NOW, we're adding to it by hiring people based on the color of their skin alone, and this practice has spilled over onto our military, our teaching facilities, our medical and psychiatric doctors, our restaurants, and every walk of life you can possibly imagine.

The question that begs to be asked of course, is what the fuck has happened to COMPETENCY, SKILL AND QUALITY?? Will ANYONE want to get a college degree in pursuit of developing themselves enough to occupy a solid career and earn a decent living at it??

WHY BOTHER?? Your skills, knowledge and talents will not be appreciated by this current administration. Only the color of your SKIN will be the deciding factor between you, or someone of color earning placement in that desirable and well-paying position~ and how does one "earn" a job, simply because they're the preferred skin tone?

Democrats for the most part, are completely clueless about what's happening to our country. They've naively bought into the lies they've been force-fed by lamestream media, because it has wanted to jump on the caravan of brainwashing people to believe that bad and evil is GOOD for em, and what's good for em is BAD and EVIL.

Are YOU woke yet? Or are you AWAKE, sentient, critical thinking, and paying attention to what's happening right under your nose, in this place that was once referred to, as America~ the greatest industrial nation in the world??