*** a response***Re: Getting Caught Up After 160-Plus Years - Notice to DOD
By Anna Von Reitz

You are a complete fool, Michael Charles, and I have never been an "Agent" of anything or anyone but Justice.
When you have a problem with a corporation, you go directly to the CEO and bitch. That's why I wen to the Pope and bitched, along with 900 other Americans who had sense enough to realize what was really going on back in 2005.

We realized that the DOD, INC. is a foreign Municipal Corporation owned and operated by the Pope and the Roman Curia, so we didn't stand around begging members of a phony "Congress" for relief. We began the process of suing the Pope and the Vatican and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London and placing our claims in favor of the American States and People on the public records of the world's High Courts.

We also served Due Process against all these corporations and their administrators for a period of seven years and issued our Final Judgement in 2014.

And what have you done, besides spew lies about me?

As Bruce Doucette and Stephen-John Nalty will both tell you and anyone else, the man who set them up was a Federal Insurance Investigator named Hamilton ---- not me. I warned them not to "transgress" into the foreign courts and try to do anything directly. They acted AGAINST my advice to them and reaped the whirlwind. And this can be readily proven because the entire discussion and my position in it, is recorded as part of my Blog at www.annavonreitz.com.

If you believe that there are "no attorneys" it's time for you to experience one of the foreign, illegal, unauthorized military district courts --- just like Bruce and thousands upon thousands of other unfortunate and ignorant Americans.

My pleasure is the eager anticipation of the liquidation of the Municipal CORPORATIONS and the removal of the phony military districts and military district courts, too.

And I am going to stand here and shove it down your throat with great joy.