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The IRS Supreme Court Cases

By Anna Von Reitz
Today, I have received a most extraordinary document: the history of the IRS in Supreme Court Cases, assembled as a list, from one of my readers. It's a brilliant summation done in an extraordinarily succinct way.

The documented history of the IRS in this country goes back to the Civil War, when they were hired as privateers to interrupt and blockade Confederate shipping. They operated as the original pirates of the Caribbean did, offshore, on island bases, from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, eastward to the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, around Florida and the Caribbean proper.

They were pirates for hire then, and they are pirates for hire now.

Their history in Europe has been documented back to the early 1100's, when they were first organized as armed enforcement for the Dominican Order, which was running the Inquisition at the time. The Church of Rome had decreed a Special Offering known as Peter's Pence, to be collected once a year on April 15, as a percentage of income for the prior year, supposedly to defray the cost of the Crusades in the Holy Land.

Does that sound familiar?

This particular organization, the Internal Revenue Service, has been engaged in bilking the public to pay for mercenary and holy wars (yet another oxymoron) for a very long time. And yes, the entire apparatus of the Roman Pontiff, the City of Rome, the Romanus Pontifex, the Vatican, the various constructs of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Holy See are very much to blame for all of this ---- for conceiving this system of oppression in the name of God, for implementing it, for protecting it, for practicing it --- and continuing it into the modern era.

Why do I particularly blame the Church--- especially when the Pope's Municipal Government ostensibly fought for the Confederacy? Because his tax collectors fought for the North, and his Overseer of the Commonwealth, the British King, was following the Pope's instructions to employ the Internal Revenue Service against the South.

"Internal" to what, we should ask? Apparently, the Holy See, which runs the Municipal United States theocracy.

One is reminded of the advice of 2 Corinthians 11: 1-15, and the words of St. Paul about those who come "in the name of" Jesus (or should we properly translate his name as Joshua?) but preach a "different Jesus" and a different Gospel, too. A deceptive substitution, not unlike what Eve faced in the Garden:

"But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ."

The Internal Revenue Service employed by the Territorial Government spells its name out in full, while the IRS employed by the Municipal Government uses abbreviated alphabet soup code: IRS.

They both work for the same Master and play both ends against the middle.

Subtle, indeed. A deceit known to the players, designed to keep the victims confused throughout, set up so that if the IRS doesn't get you, the Internal Revenue Service will, and neither one of them have the least little bit of authority to address you at all.

They are just running a racketeering scheme on your shores under color of law, and claiming that you owe them for this service.

And you are doing what? Sitting in your living room, in your Laz-E-Boy recliner thinking --- "Rubbish! That can't be so!" --- but it is the truth, nonetheless, and the longer you sit there not believing it (and therefore doing nothing about it) the worse it gets.

The privateers operating the offshore blockade against the Confederacy simply came ashore after the Civil War ended and went to work for BOTH sides of the non-existent conflict. I say, "non-existent" because both sides were ultimately employed by the same man, Pope Pius IX.

All that blood, all that waste, all master-minded and created by one of our own dear Federal Subcontractors, playing a little two-fisted game with himself at the expense of his Allies and Employers and Parishioners, too.

And they were getting ready to do it again.

But I digress.

Here is the meat of the story, and I cannot take credit for assembling it in this fashion though I have often enough discussed individual cases--- a compilation of all the United States Supreme Court Cases that have overturned and exposed the venal nature of "the Internal Revenue Service"--- first presented by the Freedom Law School at its historic "Hearing on Taxation" held in Washington, DC over a decade ago:

1. Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.Co., 240 U. S, 1.11 (1916)

2. Maxwell v. Dow, 176 U.S. 581,20 S.Ct. 448 (1900)

3. Texas v. White, 7 Wall. 700; U.S. v. Cathcart, 25 F.Case No. 14,756

4. Stanton v. Baltic Minning Company 240 U.S. 103, 112 (1919)

5. Bowers v Kerbaugh-Empire 271 U.S. 170, 174,174 (1926); In re Charge to Grand Jury, 30 F. Case No. 18,273 (65 C.J. Section 2) -- not known to be overturned. NOTICE OF DISHONOR: 06/15/2017 Page 6 of 9.

6. Peck v Lowe 247 U.S.165, 173 (1918)

7. Doyle v Mitchell Bros. 247 U. S. 179,183 (1918)

8. Eisner v Macomber 252 U. S. 179, 183 (1918)

9. Evans v Gore 253 U.S. 245(1920)

10. Flint v Stone Tracy Co. 220 U.S. 107, 144,151-152, 165,55 S L.ed. 107419 Sup CCL Rep 342, Ann Cas. 1912B 1312(1911)

11. Merchants Loan And Trust Co. v. Smietanka, 255 U.S. 509519 (1921)

12. Helvering v Edison Brothers' Stone, 8th Cir. 133 F2d 575 (1943)

13. Southern Pacific v Lowe 247 U.S. 330, 335 (1918): Art 1, Sec. 8, Cl17 And Art.IV, Sec. 3 CL 2: Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 17: Art. IV Sec. 3 Cl. 15 USC 1681h: 28 U.S.C. 1333 or 1337: False Claims Act, see 31 U.S.C. 3729(a)(7)

14. UNITED STATES v MERKSKY 361 U.S. 431, 438(1960)

15. CALIFORNIA BANKERS ASSN. v SCHULZ 419 U.S.21, 26 (1974)

16. FEDERAL CROP INSURANCE CORP v. Merrill, 332 U.S. 380,384 (1947)

17. Utah Power & Light Co v. United States, 391

18. United States v. Stewart, 108 re Floyd Acceptance, 7: Wall 666; Article 1 Sec.2: Art. 1 Sec.9

19. Knowlton v Moore, 178 U.S. 41, 47(1900); 19 CFR 351, 102

20. Butcher's Union Co. v Cresent City Co. 111 U.S. 746, 756 (1884)

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