The sovereignty of American territory is being threatened. The U.S. southern border is riddled with lawlessness, violence, drugs, sex trafficking, and cartels. While the fight for secure borders continues, the Biden administration has done an impeccable job of showing the American people the amount of neglect they are willing to inflict on this paramount issue.

On January 10th, however, President Biden showed us that the agenda is not neglect but rather a welcoming to the cautious. An agenda that does not promote the protection of the sovereignty of American territory but looks to further far-left ideologies.

Last week President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President Joseph R. Biden, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Mexico City for the 10th North American Leaders’ Summit. The leaders announced the Declaration of North America (DNA). The DNA focuses on six pillars which include: 1) diversity, equity, and inclusion; 2) climate change and the environment; 3) competitiveness; 4) migration and development; 5) health; and 6) regional security.

The agenda is clear. The agenda is wokism. The idea that our borders be destroyed and American lives be threatened for the sake of inclusivity, is far more than neglect.