Weekend Edition, December 3-4, 2022
Human Potential Is Illimitable
David Deming

The Misinformation Policy Was Just Lifted
Tom Woods

How’s the War on Truth Going?
James Howard Kunstler

We Are Trapped in a Truman Show Directed by Psychopaths
Jim Quinn

WEF Reveals Agenda for Davos 2023 Ruling Class Gathering
Jordan Schachtel
The Lost World of the Barbarous Relic
George F. Smith

How the State Seized Control of Marriage
Ryan McMaken

The Woke Chokehold
Theodore Dalrymple

Oprah and the Other Coronamaniacs Were Sure They Were Right
Mark Oshinskie

Global News: Stories that Mainstream Mostly Missed
Robert W Malone MD, MS

Winter in Central Europe and for the Dollar
Alasdair Macleod

New Study on Vitamin D Combating Covid
Dr. Joseph Mercola