Nina Jankowicz, author of multiple "disinformation" books and publications and most likely best known for her would-be roll as “disinformation czar” to Department of Homeland Security has recently registered as a foreign agent. According to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, a person is required by law to publicly disclosure obligations when representing foreign interests. Jankowicz has registered on behalf of Centre for Information Resilience, a British disinformation organization targeting online content. The Center for Information Resilience is a certified member of Social Enterprise UK, whose partners include the National Health Service (NHS) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). In a tweet, announcing Jankowicz onboarding the Centre for Information Resilience said, "Nina will help lead our efforts in countering hostile state efforts to distort the information space." In 2021 Jankowicz testified before the British Parliament advocating for setting minimum speech standards. She also advocated having “trustworthy verified people” edit posts on Twitter that are contrary to establishment narratives. Jankowicz position with the Department of Homeland Security was short-lived after extreme scrutiny and "Ministry of Truth" comparisons. Jankowicz has also been an adviser to the government of Ukraine, on strategic communications, during her time as a Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellowship. How vetted was this "disinformation" darling's loyalty to the U.S.?