Today is our day.
On September 15, 1787, just two days before the Constitution was signed, George Mason stepped forth and said, “We’ve made a grave mistake. We have not left the power to propose amendments to We the People, we’ve only left that power to Congress.”

It was then that he posed this insightful question: “Should we be so naive as to believe that a federal government that has become tyrannical would ever propose the proper kinds of amendments to restrain their own tyranny?”
The Founders UNANIMOUSLY agreed, without any debate (from men who debated everything), to adopt the second clause of Article V into the U.S. Constitution.

This is our history and we owe George Mason and the Framers a huge debt today.
They had the foresight to understand that We the People would need a peaceful process to amend the Constitution that didn’t rely on the federal government.

Now it’s up to us to implement the ONLY constitutional solution that bypasses the President and Congress to save the Constitution and our Republic.
As of this morning, my team is still over $25,000 short of reaching their goal. Will you pitch in whatever you can today in honor of Article V Day? EVERY. SINGLE. GIFT is tripled until the end of the week.

Together, we will implement the plan that the Framers provided us for such a time as this.
If not us, who? If not now, when?
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For Liberty,
The Convention of States Action Team