Save America Newt Gingrich
This cannot wait.
We are watching the Left methodically destroy the Constitution and the rule of law.

The Washington establishment is deeply hostile toward President Donald Trump. It has contempt for at least half of the American people. And it adamantly opposes the idea of reforming the deep-state bureaucracies.

The arrogance, aggressiveness, and dishonesty of the FBI raiding President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home has turned it into the Left-wing secret police. It is far from the traditional American vision of law enforcement, truth-seeking, and equal justice.
President Trump is determined not to let the Democrats have the last word and tear apart our Nation, which is why he needs support from a Top Patriot like YOU as soon as possible.

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Now it is our time to stand in the breach, defend freedom, and insist the Constitution and the rule of law be upheld. It is our job to unite the American people and get every citizen who loves America to vote this November.
President Trump is counting on YOU to step up, defend our freedom, and help us emerge victorious in this year’s Midterm Elections. Will you step up?

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