We’re taking legal action against the Gun-Grabbers in Minnesota.
The state has recently passed a law that BANS the right to conceal carry among young adults ages 18-21: A CLEAR violation of these citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

Our Foundation has filed a motion for summary judgment, along with other gun rights groups, in a federal case known as Worth v. Harrington.
This case is pivotal not only in Minnesota but for gun rights across the country. If this unconstitutional law is allowed to stand, other liberal anti-gun states will soon follow suit. We’re determined not to let that happen, and with the support of proud Defenders like you, it won’t.

Friend, we wouldn’t be able to continue our efforts without the support of patriots like YOU. Can you step up and help us defend our Constitutional Second Amendment rights?
Please chip in ANY AMOUNT TODAY to help bolster our efforts and STOP the gun-grabbers in Minnesota. >>