There's now LESS THAN 4 DAYS left to enter our newest gun giveaway!

One lucky supporter of Bring Our Troops Home will win a Diamondback DB15 5.56x45mm NATO 16 in Centerfire rifle.

This magnificent firearm—which boasts a 30+1 magazine capacity along with an A2 Flash Hider muzzle—usually retails for $700.

But this can be yours for as little as $10!

Join here:

That's the cost of admission into our supporters' group, the Ten Seven Club.

The group is named after October 7, 2001 when our soldiers first hit the ground in Afghanistan and launched the Global War on Terror. And it'll remain active under we bring our troops home from these endless wars.

When you sign up for a monthly contribution at, your name is automatically entered into our current and future gun giveaways.

I'll be randomly selecting the winner on the morning of August 8, so time is running short!

Become an official supporter of our organization, and help us spread the word about Defend the Guard legislation and amplify the voice of veterans.

And help yourself by winning this rifle!

Watch for the announcement on Monday.