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A group where you can feel freed to talk about The Paranormal...away from the relatives, spouses, and nay sayers....and feel comfortable that you are not the only one who knows about these things. UFO past and present, Spirituality, Megaliths, Stone Circles, Magic, Pleiadian, Contactee, Adamski, Paranormal, Spirits, Ghosts, Dowsing, Photography, Video, Conspiracy, Howard Menger, ufo video, footage, orbs, past life, masters of the far east, ethereal, mediums, medium, channeler, witness, spiritualism, psychic. And any other weird or informative subject that comes up to help explain our experience here on this planet and incarnation. We are not alone and have not ever been alone but you cant put proof of this in a test tube and pass the tests of the Gate Keepers who try and shield you from reality with their own reality. We are beyond this ... waiting for the Scientists, Religionists, and Skeptics to give their approval. We have Inquiring Minds and Truth is wherever you find it. We are not waiting for the Government, our own families, or the Religions to dispense truth any more. We are boldly striking out on our own. UFO Inquiring Minds Free Speech Social Media Pages: https://xephula.com/groups/ufoinquiringminds https://gab.com/groups/20576 https://yorespot.com/groups/754/ https://wimkin.com/groups/4771/ https://magabook.com/groups/UFOInquiringMinds https://usa.life/ufoinquiringminds https://idw.community/group/ufoinquiringminds https://gettr.com/user/billcoones https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7486462/ https://safechat.com/channel/2943948007700183730 https://loop.joshwho.net/groups/7264039/feed https://spreely.com/UfoInquiringMinds https://freetalk.app/UFOINQUIRINGMINDS https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1156963250765225984/feed https://sovren.media/c/ufo-inquiring-minds https://www.luuponline.com/UFOInquiringMinds https://connectzing.com/ufo_inquiring_minds https://www.facebook.com/groups/924946824201672 https://vk.com/club176891646
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Since you guys are here, I thought you might also enjoy the new cryptozoology/paranormal Circle as well!👇


It's a spooky world out there! That's why we need a place where folks can gather, share their content, and discuss their ideas on all things relating to cryptozoology and the paranormal...



Episode 177 - LEAN MEAN MAN MACHINE W/ MATTHEW JAMES BAILEY - Clyde Lewis Ground Zero
Elon Musk said on Wednesday that he expects a brain chip developed by his health tech company, Neuralink, to begin human trials soon. As new authentication and surveillance technologies are being rolled out, the likelihood of governments using them for body autonomy control is quite realistic. There is also the gradual process of developing what can be called an “organic singularity” where our relationship with a machine is symbiotic and has a commonality where we eventually surrender our humanity to an uncaring godlike machine. On Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with A.I. researcher and author, Matthew William Bailey about LEAN MEAN MAN MACHINE.


Germany's Secret Technology and Space Program
There has been a lot of speculation regarding alleged advanced anti-gravitic technology following the second world war, with some claiming the establishment of a secret space program based on these technological breakthroughs. A number of German scientists were said to have been incorporated by the US through Operation Paperclip, with a segment that may have escaped during and after the war (Base211), according to some accounts of the events surrounding Operation Highjump in Antarctica.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding alleged advanced anti-gravitic technology following the second world war, with some claiming the establishment of a secret space program based on these technological breakthroughs. A number of German sci…




Episode 174 - DANDELIONS ON THE MOON W/ RICHARD C. HOAGLAND - Clyde Lewis Ground Zero

The first mission in NASA’s Artemis program finally took the Orion spacecraft on a trip around the Moon – a huge step forward for the ambitious plan to bring humans to the lunar surface as soon as 2025. It’s also the beginning of the White House’s far-reaching ambitions for a permanent outpost there. Interestingly, new images on the Moon’s surface are showing glistening reflections from the Sun which is creating speculation as to what may be there now and that perhaps what we are seeing is a reflection of possible structures on the Moon. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with space researcher, Richard C. Hoagland about DANDELIONS ON THE MOON.

Originally Broadcast On 11/23/2022