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A group where you can feel freed to talk about The Paranormal...away from the relatives, spouses, and nay sayers....and feel comfortable that you are not the only one who knows about these things. UFO past and present, Spirituality, Megaliths, Stone Circles, Magic, Pleiadian, Contactee, Adamski, Paranormal, Spirits, Ghosts, Dowsing, Photography, Video, Conspiracy, Howard Menger, ufo video, footage, orbs, past life, masters of the far east, ethereal, mediums, medium, channeler, witness, spiritualism, psychic. And any other weird or informative subject that comes up to help explain our experience here on this planet and incarnation. We are not alone and have not ever been alone but you cant put proof of this in a test tube and pass the tests of the Gate Keepers who try and shield you from reality with their own reality. We are beyond this ... waiting for the Scientists, Religionists, and Skeptics to give their approval. We have Inquiring Minds and Truth is wherever you find it. We are not waiting for the Government, our own families, or the Religions to dispense truth any more. We are boldly striking out on our own. UFO Inquiring Minds Free Speech Social Media Pages: https://xephula.com/groups/ufoinquiringminds https://gab.com/groups/20576 https://yorespot.com/groups/754/ https://wimkin.com/groups/4771/ https://magabook.com/groups/UFOInquiringMinds https://usa.life/ufoinquiringminds https://idw.community/group/ufoinquiringminds https://gettr.com/user/billcoones https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7486462/ https://safechat.com/channel/2943948007700183730 https://loop.joshwho.net/groups/7264039/feed https://spreely.com/UfoInquiringMinds https://freetalk.app/UFOINQUIRINGMINDS https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1156963250765225984/feed https://sovren.media/c/ufo-inquiring-minds https://www.luuponline.com/UFOInquiringMinds https://connectzing.com/ufo_inquiring_minds https://www.facebook.com/groups/924946824201672 https://vk.com/club176891646
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Sunkaras Video - Higher Spiritualism


June 5, Sunday, 6 pm, new location, 6250 Se Foster Round Table Pizza. Conscious Contactee Remembers All. Round Table Pizza has their own parking lot and large meeting room.




The 3-day festival includes renowned speakers & experts, movie screenings, radio broadcasts, vendor booths, live music, the Alien Abduction Dash fun run, pet costume contest, beer tastings and more! Join us for a galaxy of fun!




Preston Dennett talks about his book, “Symmetry: A True UFO Adventure” on the YouTube show “Paranormal Yakker” with host Stan Mallow. The book chronicles the...