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The reason why the corrupt main stream media is finally exposing the Biden corruption is because they want to get rid of Joe Biden. They see Biden's approval rating slipping rapidly and in order to correct that they want to replace him with someone else from the Democratic party. Will it be Kamala Harris or someone else ?


This has been their plan all along, they've waiting for the perfect time to tell us that we have to go back to another lockdown. It's a never ending cycle until we lose everything to these corrupt greedy mother fuckers. The question is are you going to let them or are you going to fight back?


You can't make this stuff up. They are telling us what they are planning right in front of our eyes. These people will do just about anything to stay in control. Get ready for them to tell us that there is a more "dangerous variant" in the US and that we are going to have to go back to lockdowns with stricter mandates because there are not enough people who are vaccinated


Flip Flopping Fauci at it again. Are you keeping track on how many times he's changed his story ?

Dr. Anthony Fauci insisted it’s now up to Americans to make their own medical risk assessments regarding COVID-19.