Silent Genocide: Covid19 vaccines and Down Syndrome founded by @dkroog

It was established early into this pandemic, that people with Down syndrome have 10 times the risk of getting Covid19 because of a defect in their immune system. For that same reason, they would also have a higher risk for adverse reactions to vaccines. (Occam’s razor) In June of 2020, John Hopkins created the most accurate mouse model for DS, yet this mouse was not used to test the safety and efficacy of Covid19 vaccines. Pfizer skipped the most basic science to ensure these injections were safe for people with Down syndrome and the FDA and CDC have excluded the most common chromosomal disorder associated with immune defects in their EUA approval. Without animal trials, there is no risk benefit data. Doctors are telling us that there is no contraindication for Down syndrome (implying safety) but is misleading due to a lack of data. The adverse reactions we are seeing on VAERS is innate to DS and any reactions or deaths could easily be attributed to the diagnosis of Trisomy21. This mass medical experiment through EUA is no different than the AktionT4 program used by Hitler to exterminate “lives unworthy of life”. People with DS do not vote due to incompetency laws They cannot give informed consent And are the first human to apply for the endangered species list. It is our ethical moral and patriotic duty to protect them and demand that animal studies are performed. We must prevent this silent genocide in our country, or become yet another country that is “Down syndrome free” Goto to learn more and sign the petition
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