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Sunday 10 April 2022

^Gate to the Island Garden^

Moon in Leo
|Karmically serious, sobering, challenging third| of this week begins at 8:38a PT | 11:38a ET | 3:38p UT (until Wednesday)

We might take a dim or dark view of things, and feel somewhat oppressed by extra labor or endeavor which seems forced upon us. People may be close together, maybe crowded, as if on "an inhabited island" separated from people who seem uncongenial to them. This allows them to get down to their own important projects, cultivating potentials and "nursing the least of promise to fruition."

"A wreck floating on a peaceful sea" suggests that one could be "shipwrecked" if one were in too big a hurry, speculative and adventurous. Rather, if one should "wisely keep to the broad highways of life" on the "inhabited island" and "pursue the common path, one may retrieve the family fortunes" and salvage whatever is worth salvaging. There could be a subtle transition at work. "A bunny is metamorphosed into a fairy." One's kaleidoscopic imagination could "mold and remold everyday reality." "Naive animal impulses" are sublimated toward "ideals and aspirations."

"An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets" represents the living values of tradition, and "the permanence or changelessness of the real as an ultimate assurance to the human heart." With that as sentimental foundation, one might happen upon "the gate to the garden of desire." Despite the |difficult third of this week|, there is naive optimism and prospects look bright. "There is self-fulfillment in the realization that there are always unlimited days ahead and immeasurable frontiers yet to be crossed."

{Sunday} ^Gate to the Island Garden^

Cosmic Piper